Wings of Support foundations

Wings of Support is a private initiative of KLM employees (Royal Dutch Airline). Our purpose is to help children in countries that KLM flies to by means of facilitating education, shelter and medical care. Thus, Wings of Support wants to bring about sustained improvement of the quality of life of these children in their own environment. In principle, the support of the projects is given on KLM destinations with financial support from our supporters and sponsors.


Because of the nature of their work, the airline staff regularly stays in many countries, therefore they can visit a project to a maximum extent, both by Wings of Support contributors and by interested supporters/sponsors. Wings of Support is also supported by various companies other than KLM, as well as private individuals. The foundation is operating independently of KLM.


The foundation’s statutory purpose is to provide specific and unconditional assistance to groups of children in general and in developing countries in particular, as well as to accomplish a lasting improvement of the quality of life of children in their own environment, without making any distinction between race, creed or political affiliation, and any other matters that are connected either directly or indirectly or leading to this, all in the broadest sense of the word.


Wings of Support supports groups of children on destinations of Dutch airline companies by giving financial support and, if possible, practical aid for the purpose of education, shelter and medical care. Wings of Support offers direct, small-scale help to groups of children, born from a vision of sustainability. At the same time, Wings of Support donors and sponsors offer direct possibilities of physical aid at the projects.


Wings of Support aims for integrity and optimal effort of its volunteers and the means it has at its disposal. It transparently and carefully renders account of the results. Wings of Support does not have any paid staff and only works with volunteers, that, as a result of their jobs, do not have any travel and subsistence expenses. This way, Wings of Support aims to enter into lasting relations with representatives of the local projects, who in their turn will ensure that as many children as possible get assistance.

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