Chamber music

The highly qualified young musicians of the Amsterdam City Orchestra share their passion for music by playing together in a large orchestra, but also by playing in smaller ensembles. Like the Amsterdam City Orchestra, the ensembles also perform chamber music concerts at beautiful locations.

Should you require a musical accompaniment for an event, dinner or wedding, we can create a suitable ensemble for you from members of our orchestra. Musicians Orchestra of Amsterdam City are all highly trained talents. Almost all sorts of music and musical ensembles are possible; below a brief overview of examples

String quartet

Two violins, a viola and a cello. A string quartet is well suited for a reception party or an intimate dinner whereby a traditional concert or background music can be offered.

Jazz ensemble

Either a small group – piano , trumpet, double bass, percussion and / or vocals or a large group is possible: The big band is ideal for a swing event. The big band comprises approximately 16 members.

Wind Quintet

A wind quintet is suitable for classical performances, an ensemble consisting of flute, oboe , clarinet, bassoon, horn (an average of five musicians) can be used for events in large halls or gardens.


Ideally suited for piano solo performances but also as background music at a dinner event or other occasions. The repertoire is very diverse (from all kinds of classical to jazz) and the possibilities to combine with other instruments or a vocalist are numerou – a violinist, a cellist etc.


A beautiful harp solo performance can be provided by a harpist- an exquisite and romantic choice.