The Amsterdam City Orchestra rehearses regularly in historic buildings in Amsterdam. More than 100 musicians are affiliated to the Amsterdam City Orchestra and form the basis of the orchestra. All the musicians play in various orchestras.


The Amsterdam City Orchestra was founded in 2016 by some enthusiastic promoters which resulted in broad support from musicians.

Conductor: Peter Veenhuizen


Peter Veenhuizen is the conductor of the Amsterdam City Orchestra. Peter was born in Goor and came into contact with classical music at a young age. He conducted his first choir when he was 16. Besides conducting various orchestras Peter is also active in compiling programs, songs and musical pieces. He also teaches music to very young children in a number of primary schools. His style is different from others, he does not want to compete with other known styles in contemporary classical music: “Music is not a competition but an experience.”
Peter is also a lover of modern film music genre and is not afraid to perform it.

Peter is an all-round conductor. He finds it extremely important to give young people the opportunity to share with him their passion for classical music. He knows from experience that when young musicians finish their training at the conservatory they often have difficulty finding work. Good musicians are then, unfortunately, too old for youth orchestras. His ambition is therefore to provide a platform with the Amsterdam City Orchestra to these good musicians where they can display their passion and quality to the public.

Peter is a man with a lot of passion and a lover of music and has great belief in youth. “Youth is the future” and the professionals of tomorrow or the people sitting in the audience during concerts. With lots of fun and energy he conducts weekly several orchestras including the Amsterdam Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Amsterdam Student Orchestra. In Germany he has worked with many major orchestras of the IAM (Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Musik) and in England for the NAYO (National Association for Youth Orchestras). He also gives conducting class at the Conservatory of Amsterdam