Visiting Amsterdam


Amsterdam has always been a very popular tourist city. Already in the 17th century, Amsterdam developed into one of the most prosperous cities in the world and attracted many affluent travellers to the city. The treasures of this golden age in the various museums are tangible proof of this – attracting millions of visitors annually.

What makes Amsterdam so attractive for day trippers and tourists is the historic atmosphere of the city combined with all the amenities of a modern metropolis. The beautiful buildings and the intimacy of streets and squares provide a unique atmosphere and a unique experience for tourists. The friendly atmosphere and remarkable language skills also contribute to a pleasant stay in Amsterdam.

Cultural tourism

Culturally interested tourists come to Amsterdam to visit its world famous museums and also its historic city centre, but what is sometimes forgotten is that Amsterdam is also internationally famous for its classical music scene. Amsterdam is one of the top centres for classical music in the world. Just like other top locations in this area, such as Vienna and Prague, there are currently no concerts organized in Amsterdam which also specifically focus on tourism.